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Overall Rating: 76.5% (ingredient comparison)

Product Claims:  

Exomine gets good reviews because it contains safe and all-natural ingredients that target joint inflammation and pain. Yet, it contains only 4 such ingredients out of the 15 that are in our top product (click here for ingredient comparison).

This product contains an all-natural compound called hyaluronic acid, a form of collagen, to help rebuild healthy joints. It also contains boswellia serrata, which increases range of motion to the joints and decreases joint pain.  These two ingredients together work good to heal joints and reduce pain.  Exomine would be even better with just a few more ingredients that target inflammation.

Exomine also includes glucosamine and MSM to help the body heal damaged cartilage at a cellular level and lubricate joint cushioning. While the blend of nutrients in this product are helpful, consumers that used this product stated that it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 years to become effective.


Exomine retails for $59.95 a bottle and $179.85 for four bottles.  This would put the one bottle price at $45.00 a bottle with the four bottle deal.  This is considerably higher than our top product. Recommended dosage is 4 capsules a day and there are 30 capsules per bottle, so you will need to spend $179.85 per month.

Our Conclusion:

This product contains some beneficial ingredients that target joint pain, inflammation and joint mobility.  Our editors feel it could use a few more ingredients to nourish the joints, curb inflammation, and promote total joint health. Also, the four bottle deal was a bit pricey compared to our top product.

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Price (1 bottle)
Price (4 bottles)*
(*best value)
Glucosamine Sulfate check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark
MSM check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark
Chondroitin Sulfate check-mark check-mark check-mark
CMO check-mark
Hyaluronic Acid check-mark check-mark
Black Catechu check-mark
L-Glutamic check-mark
L-Cysteine check-mark
White Willow Bark check-mark check-mark check-mark
Boswellia Serrata check-mark check-mark
Holy Basil check-mark
Tumeric check-mark
Ginger Root check-mark check-mark check-mark
Bromelain check-mark check-mark
Rutin check-mark


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