The Alternative Treatments For Arthritis

Arthritis can be very painful.  It is a disease that affects the joints in the body and although there isn’t really a cure for the disease itself the symptoms can be treated, prevented, and cured.

There are a number of treatments available for arthritis symptoms and knowing which ones do what can help you alleviate the problems associated with this disease.  Some people prefer conventional treatments while others prefer not to take the risks involved with most conventional treatments an use natural remedies.

It is important that anyone suffering from arthritis symptoms understand that a proper diet and exercise benefits the individual and keeps arthritis and its symptoms controlled.  These two treatments are recommended whether you are being treated conventionally or naturally.

There are many herbs that aid in preventing and treating arthritis symptoms.  Herbs are a natural treatment without the risk of side effects from conventional medicines.  Herbal remedies and natural oils were used before conventional medicines came about, and they had great results.  The results today from using natural and herbal treatments are still showing more improvement in a lot of arthritis sufferers over the mainstream treatments.


Glucosamine provides an anti inflammatory with very little to no side effects in most arthritis sufferers.  The rare instances of side effects from glucosamine are very minimal and extremely rare for being serious in nature.  Glucosamine is recommended by quite a few healthcare professional because it has been proven to be more effective than over-the-counter or prescribed anti inflammatory drugs.

There are other natural remedies like apple cider vinegar which is used for pain relief.  Apple cider vinegar can be used orally, as a massaging rub, or as a compress.  Turmeric, ginger, honey and cinnamon all have been used by arthritis sufferers with very good results.

Arthritis sufferers who prefer the alternative treatments also recommend shark cartilage treatments, magnetic bracelets, paraffin wax treatments, and copper.

There are a wide variety of natural, herbal and alternative treatments for the arthritis sufferer.  Some of which also includes chiropractic treatments and acupuncture therapies.

Arthritis affects each individual differently so it is safe to say that treatments will vary with each individual also.  This is true no matter what treatment or treatments an arthritis sufferer is using, whether it be natural or conventional.

The interest in natural, home remedies, and alternative treatments for arthritis is constantly growing, mainly due to the adverse effects conventional treatments may have on the body.  Arthritis sufferers want to relieve their symptoms without causing other types of conditions or symptoms.  If this is how you feel then it would be advised to look into the alternative treatments.   You can find more information on alternative treatments on the internet, at book stores, and in health stores.

It is important that before you begin or change your treatment plan you should always discuss your desires with your primary care physician and/or specialist.  Together, you can decide the best treatments to prevent, maintain, or cure your symptoms and condition.