Will Changing My Diet Stop

Arthritis and its Symptoms?

Eating a balanced diet daily promotes overall good health.  An active healthy body can ward off many medical conditions including arthritis and its symptoms.

Arthritis is a disease of many kinds, more than 100, that affects the joints and bones in the body.  The joints are made up of bone, tissue, muscle, and fluid.   Research has not concluded that changing your diet can cure arthritis or its symptoms but it has been unable to declare it useless.  With the exception being gout, which is a form of arthritis. Researchers will promote a healthy diet to improve gout symptoms.  Many people who suffer from arthritis and its symptoms belief eating certain foods can ward off arthritis, while eating some foods increases the symptoms caused from arthritis.

A balanced diet consisting of the four major foods groups, which are: fruits and vegetables, dairy, meats, and breads; a necessity for keeping a healthy body.  A person should eat a balanced diet daily to maintain overall good health.

Increasing foods containing omega 3 fatty acids, such as tuna, salmon, and halibut, are believed by arthritis sufferers to decrease inflammation.  Just like eating saturated fats can increase arthritis symptoms.

Glucosamine enriched foods, such as shrimp and lobster, has been proven to help relieve arthritis and its symptoms.  Glucosamine can also be found as a supplement and has been recommended by many healthcare professionals.

Increasing fruits and vegetables provide the body with a variety of vitamins and minerals.  A balance of vitamins and minerals help keep the body energized for staying mobile, promotes healing, improves skin condition, and can revitalize the fluids in the body.

Eating a balanced diet can also help maintain a healthy weight.  Weight can be a contributing factor to arthritis and its symptoms.  Eating excessive sugars and fats can cause weight gain.  Being overweight applies added stress to the weight bearing joints which can lead to arthritis.  The weight bearing joints are not the only joints that can be affected by being overweight.

There are many advertisements for miracle cure diets for arthritis sufferers, guaranteeing to stop pain, symptoms and even cure arthritis.  The truth is there is no miracle cure for arthritis or its symptoms. These companies are taking advantage of the arthritis sufferers.

There are two most common forms of arthritis and these two forms are slow developing.  Their symptoms are kept minimal initially, to the point they are overlooked until it’s too late to prevent the disease.  Eating a well-balanced diet every day keeps the body from experiencing certain conditions that can be arthritis symptoms from happening.  A healthy body usually has no ailments, if it has no ailments no symptoms will be there to be overlooked.

Researchers may argue the facts that eating a well balanced diet daily can have a positive effect on arthritis and its symptoms, whether you agree or not, is up to you.  Researchers will however agree that eating a well-balanced diet promotes overall good health.  Overall good health is a primary factor in preventing medical conditions.  Arthritis is a medical condition.