Arthritis – The Causes

Arthritis affects millions of people.  It is a disease without boundaries.  Most people always believed arthritis was an old person’s disease, but that just isn’t true.  Arthritis can affect any gender at any age.

There are more than one hundred different types of arthritis known today.   Some causes for certain types of arthritis still remains unknown.  Researchers are still working hard to find causes and treatments for arthritis.  However, there are two types of arthritis afflicting people today that are the most common.  The two types are known as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.  These two types of arthritis share some common causes.

Genetics is one common cause for arthritis.  If your parents suffered from arthritis, it is possible you may have inherited the gene marker HLA-DR4 which is believed to be related to rheumatoid arthritis.  Your chances of having rheumatoid arthritis are higher if you have this genetic marker.  There are other types of arthritis that can be inherited.  It is safe to say if your parents suffered from any type of arthritis, you are more susceptible to having the disease.

Although arthritis can afflict at any age, age is a cause for certain arthritis conditions.  Most people who suffer from arthritis discover the disease around age 50.   Osteoarthritis is fairly common in people over age 50.  This type of arthritis is slow developing and effects the cartilage in the joint.  Over time it causes the cartilage to deteriorate.  This disease most likely is developing prior to age 50 but doesn’t actually get diagnosed until the symptoms become too troublesome.

Not many people would think that their occupation could be a factor in developing this disease, but certain jobs and even playing sports can cause arthritis.  When you use a joint excessively and constantly, you are applying a lot of strain on the joint.  Excessive and constant strain on a joint can cause some types of arthritis.

Some occupations, for instance, a professional sports player or lumberjack, can be vulnerable for developing arthritis by getting injured.  Trauma from an injury can cause some kinds arthritis.  But arthritis caused by trauma isn’t exclusive to lumberjacks or sports players, anyone who injures a joint can develop some kinds of arthritis.  The type of injury and the severity of the injury both can play a role as to whether you may develop certain types of arthritis.

Another cause for developing arthritis is infection.  Many types of infections can make a person susceptible to certain kinds of arthritis.  It can be a bacterial infection, a viral infection and even certain sexually transmitted diseases can cause some type of arthritis.

A person’s own body can cause some kinds of arthritis.  It is referred to as an auto-immune defect.  The body attacks itself by producing antibodies causing tissue injury.  It can also cause a metabolic imbalance both of which are contributing causes to some kinds of arthritis.

These are just a few causes for developing certain types of arthritis.  The most common forms of arthritis are slow developing and the symptoms usually go unnoticed and ignored at first.  There are some precautions that can be implemented early to help prevent some types of arthritis.  You should speak with a healthcare professional to see how susceptible you are for developing the disease and the best defense to keep the disease at bay.