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Treatments for Joint Pain

Joint pain which is characterized by swelling, redness, heat, and pain.  Since there are many causes of joint pain, treatment options can vary with each individual case.  Joint pain that is caused by another, more serious medical condition can still be treated successfully.  One of the main causes of joint pain is arthritis.

Although a cure has yet to be found for arthritis, there are treatments available to reduce joint pain and increase an arthritis sufferer’s range of motion and quality of life.  The following treatments are very effective ( more)


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Understanding the Causes of Joint Pain

There are a number of causes why individuals may suffer from joint pain.  For this reason getting a proper diagnosis can be difficult.  Joint pain can cause sufferers to lose sleep, have restricted range of motion and can affect the simplest task they do every day.

Joint pain can be caused from a broken bone, sprain, or some other injury.  It can also be caused by normal wear and tear, especially if it was over used.  Osteoarthritis, one of the many types of arthritis and one of the most common, can cause joint pain.  Osteoarthriti ( more)


Joint Pain Sufferers Can Still be Active

Joint pain sufferers believe that exercise can create more pain and problems so they refrain from doing them.  Whether your pain is caused by damage to your cartilage or if it’s from an autoimmune condition, you can still remain active if you choose to.  Research has shown that exercise done properly and regularly can improve your range of motion, reduce your pain, and help you stay active.

Some sufferers may need to do some physical therapy before indulging in a regular exercise routine.  There have been studies in patients ( more)


Joint Pain is Not the Only Symptom of Arthritis

Arthritis affects millions of people every day.  Knowing what the symptoms are will enable you to know if you should see a medical professional for a proper diagnosis.  Joint pain is a symptom of arthritis and if you are experiencing joint pain you should see your doctor.  Other symptoms of arthritis are inflammation of the joint, redness sometimes accompanied by heat in and around the joint.  Stiffness and lack of movement without pain are also symptoms of arthritis.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should ( more)